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What are the signs of depression in teenagers? If you have a teenager, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if they are just being moody or if they are actually depressed. Depression in teenagers is on the rise, and I for one can certainly see why. In the past year, they have lost their […]

What are the signs of depression in teenagers?

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Ignorant of Evil? An interview with a plantation resident If you forget that which made us evil, we are no less evil, only ignorant of the evil. I originally wrote this post three years ago. I was unaware at the time that there were still so many injustices in our community, but I feel that […]

Ignorant of Evil

overseers house on a slave plantation

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As moms, we tend to focus our care on our children, our husbands, our homes. We forget about ourselves.

Self-care and Covid-19

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As an artist, you never quite feel like your work is up to par. I believe that this is what pushes us to continue educating ourselves and striving to be better and better.

My 2020 IAPBP Image Competition Entries



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