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Ignorant of Evil? An interview with a plantation resident If you forget that which made us evil, we are no less evil, only ignorant of the evil. I originally wrote this post three years ago. I was unaware at the time that there were still so many injustices in our community, but I feel that […]

Crystal McClurg

June 23, 2020


Ignorant of Evil


Self-care and Covid-19

As moms, we tend to focus our care on our children, our husbands, our homes. We forget about ourselves.

Crystal McClurg

April 9, 2020



As an artist, you never quite feel like your work is up to par. I believe that this is what pushes us to continue educating ourselves and striving to be better and better.

Crystal McClurg

March 23, 2020


My 2020 IAPBP Image Competition Entries