It is messy, chaotic, and exhausting.

It is also one of the most beautiful roles that we will ever be called to.

The birth of your baby only happens once. No do-overs, No retakes.

The support your husband offers you as you work through each contraction.
Baby's first cry...
The look of relief on your face as you hear that beautiful sound you have waited nine months to hear.
How tiny his little fingers and toes are.

These memories are too important to trust them to just anybody.

When these moments become memories-Hold onto every beautiful detail!


The consultation is a chance to sit down in person and talk face to face. I like to meet my clients in person for two reasons (1) To make sure that we are a good fit. It allows for you to see the passion of what I do, and not just the end result. (2) It helps to meet me so that you don't feel like there is a stranger intruding on  your birth space.
At the consultation we will: 
1. Go over your birth plan and answer any questions that you might have.
2. View available products and discuss which package best suites your needs.
3. Pay the deposit and set-up a payment plan if needed

Yes it really is THAT easy! 

what happens at the consultation?

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let's have coffee!

Yes, birth photography is an investment. Like any other investment, it is up to you to decide if capturing these memories forever is a priority for you. Want to hold on to all of these precious memories?
Good news! We have payment plans available. It only takes $250 to book your due date. The balance can be paid out as needed and is not due until 38 weeks. 

I'm not sure that I can afford it. 

You should call me as soon as you think that you might be in labor, even if it is 2:00 am, even if you are not sure. That gives me time to prepare and make arrangements for my family while I am gone. Call me again when your midwife or doctor advises you to go to the hospital or birthing center, and call me when they state that you are in active labor, or between 5-6 cm. I will leave and come to you when it is decided that you are in active labor. If you are unable to speak, please have your birth support person call me. I do not want to miss this! 

When should I call you?

I will only take pictures that you are comfortable with. At the consultation, we will discuss angles and any images that you do/ do not wish for me to take. After the images are edited, I will only share images approved by you. If there are any images that you are uncomfortable with being shared in any way, then you can mark them as private in your gallery, and they will stay private. This is YOUR birth, YOUR story, and YOU have control over how it is told. 

Do you share ALL of the images?

I get it. Birth and modesty do not go hand in hand. If you ever feel uncomfortable with me being in the room, during a check, or procedure for example, then I will be more than happy to step out. If you just want an hour to rest and have time to refocus, I will give you that time. I am there for you, and do not want to hinder your space in any way. 
If there is ever a time (like during an emergency) that you wish for me to stop taking pictures, just have your birth partner let me know. You will NOT hurt my feelings. 

What if I need privacy?

As a birth photographer, your birth is my top priority. If I am scheduled for another type of session when you go into labor, my policy is to reschedule that client for another day. I am on call starting at 38 weeks, until the arrival of your little blessing, so I do not venture far during that time. Occasionally, I have a client that labors fast. If you call me when labor starts, and I am unable to make it to you in time, I will come and take images of the "Golden Hour" (skin on skin, baby measurements, meeting siblings, etc.), and you can have the choice of a Hello Baby Session or Mini Newborn (wrapped only) Session. 

What if you miss my birth?



Capture the strength, power, and beauty of birth.

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birth stories

Capture the freshness of your new little blessing. All of the tiny details. 

hello baby

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Beautiful portraits of your baby done in the first few weeks of life. 

newborn portraits

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"I love how personable she is and how much she cares about her clients, from answering all of my questions, to checking on me before labor and after the baby was born. She captured all of the moments of the best day of my life!" ​


"This was the best experience that I have ever had with a photographer! I cannot recommend her enough! 


"Made us feel right at home. She takes beautiful pictures!"


I cannot recommend her enough! She is not only an amazingly talented photographer, but an incredibly compassionate woman of God.


There’s no doubt that Crystal has a passion for what she does. The quality of her work blew us away! She is so talented!


Crystal is amazing.. she works so hard to make every picture personal and magical

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