why birth photography?

capturing the journey of motherhood in all of its realness and raw beauty

I grew up in a world of people telling me that I wasn't enough.
I was told that I would never be a good mother- I couldn't make it on my own.
I was told that I wasn't enough, good enough, strong enough, smart enough.
As women we tend to believe the lies that people tell us. 

That needs to change.
This is the gift that I hope to give to you.

Among all of the beautiful wonderful things that you were created to do, you were created to become a mother.
You were created to bring this little life into this crazy world and love him like no one else can.
I want you to look back at your birth story and see how strong, beautiful and courageous you are.

-Jesus, coffee (ICED LATTE PLEASE), and my large family, usually in that order.
-Dark chocolate, a glass of Moscato, the beach, any beach... seriously- where's the closest beach?
-The smell of a new baby's head
-Music. I listen to everything from Jazz to Rock- depends on my mood
-Traveling and exploring new places
- A good book (To Kill a Mockingbird is my FAVE!)

Watching you as a mother dig deep into the core of who you are and find strength that you don't even know is there. Witnessing you give birth, not only to your child, but to yourself as a mother. The relief and pure joy on your face as you hold your sweet baby close after hours of fighting wave after wave of contraction and pushing with every ounce of energy that you possess, even beyond what you think that you are capable.

It is always an honor
* to be invited into the sacred space of birth,
* to be a witness to the miracle of birth
* to walk alongside of you during your       transformation to motherhood
*to be brought into the circle of family.


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