Why Birth Photography?

February 27, 2020

Should you hire someone to provide birth photography for you? Why not just hand the camera to your husband as you are pushing? Here is my “why”.

When I was sixteen I knew that I wanted a little girl. A pretty little ray of sunshine to dress in pink and place bows in her hair. She would be my best friend and we would tell each other secrets. I would name her Lindsey.


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Mom of Boys

At twenty I had my first baby. During the sonogram, we found out that we were having a little boy! We decided to name him Joshua.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, we didn’t find out the gender. When this baby was born, I remember telling my husband “Check to see what she is.”

My midwife chuckled. “Yes, check and see…”

My husband took a look. This time, my sweet baby was a boy. Another boy. His name is Nicholas.

Annnd with baby number three we decided to have a sonogram. I wanted so much for this baby to be a girl. I prayed while the technician rubbed the goo on my belly and wiggled the wand on my abdomen. Then I cried when I found out it was another boy. His name is Caleb. Turns out, he’s actually kinda cute.

That was it. No more babies for me. I was going to be a boy mom.

Waiting on my princess

Then God surprised me with baby #4.

Yes, I know what caused it. I stopped drinking water, but it didn’t help.

Anyhow… I was beyond thrilled to find out that the sweet little girl that I have prayed for since I was a little girl was finally going to be here!

The decorating began. I painted her room, added the prettiest tea party border, and decorated her dresser in flowers. The nursery was ready.

With my youngest son, I handed his older brother a disposable camera to snap a few pictures. Dad managed to snap a few, but most were from that odd little kid angle.

With this baby, I wanted to capture all of the beautiful moments that came. Professional birth photography was not a thing yet, but I loved being pregnant and loved the experience of bringing new life into the world. I asked dad to use the “good” camera and take some pictures.

The images below are what he took. These are all of the birth photography images that I have to remember this day by.

blurry birth image taken by dad
Can you tell what’s going on?
My face after my daughter was born.
Another blurry image from my daughter’s birth
birth photo taken by husband
This is my oldest daughter just minutes old.

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You Deserve Better- Why Birth Photography is ideal

Sure, you can hand the camera to dad, or to your nurse to capture a few moments. With the new phone cameras that they have now you might even get some good shots, but why take the chance on a memory that is so important?

Imagine this… Your husband is by your side through every contraction, holding your hand, applying counterpressure to your back, whispering words of encouragement- “You can do this, baby.”

Your doula is focused solely on supporting you. She reminds you to change positions, brings you water, holds a cold rag on your face.

The nurse in charge can take care of you and your baby, and you? All you have to focus on is your birth.

birth- mom- holding- newborn- baby- girl
The sweet relief of birth, and holding your new baby

This time, you hired a photographer who knows all the right angles, important moments, and lighting tricks to show off your beautiful birthing self. You don’t have to worry about the birth photography yourself. Now you can focus on bringing your beautiful baby into the world, and have gorgeous images to bring you right back to this important day.

See the lines in the baby’s feet? Such sweetness!

Let’s chat about capturing all of the little details of your baby’s most important day!


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